Publishing FCSH Wrapper on sourceforge.net

I have published sources and jars on sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/fcshwrapper

A few words about this project:

Few months ago I decided to use flex as my presentation tier for my new project. The first think I make it was to use Flex Ant Tasks from Adobe Labs, but soon I found that it takes too long to compile a simple mxml file.
I founded on Adobe Labs a project named Flex Compiler Shell (FCSH), that now is included in flex sdk.

So, here comes the bad news ... FCSH is very, very poor designed so it cannot be used into an automated build script.
The only project that I found on the net that seems to resolve that problem is iFac (http://ifac-plugin.com/). Again bad news:
- iFac is intended to be used only as a Eclipse plug-in,
- the binaries are available only from eclipse "Software Updates -> Find and install",
-,and worse, I believe that sources are not available since they adopt a license that forbid you to modify their sources.

So I decided to write my on wrapper over the fcsh.exe.
The sources and binaries are available at sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fcshwrapper/ And you are free to adapt the sources to your needs.


Anonymous said...

Hi everbody,

first thank you a lot for this wrapper. I am glad to see a good alternative to iFac.

But I am still facing some problems using your wrapper and flashdevelop.

So far everything works fine.I can build my project within Flashdevelop and prebuild command line to ant by pressing "f8" and your wrapper appears in my tray. But after compiling the first time it seems like that I can not recompile it in flashdevelop because my "f8" button is blocked.

I guess its because the fcsh command is still running in the back ...

is there any solution or some ideas to work around this problem?

Mihai Vasilache said...


I have not tested the wrapper with Flashdevelop. I will look today. If the first fcsh command is still running then something is wrong, maybe a bug, it must exit after start the separate process in the system tray.

Thank you for your interest,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mihai,

thanks for your quick response. If you need any help in setting up flashdevelop with ant or need some more detailed information about my problem just give me a shout.

I really appreciate your help.

Mihai Vasilache said...

Ufff, I have a strange bug:
I have posted a question on the
Networking forum on java.sun.com

Anonymous said...


as I said I'm not a java developer.
If there is any progress please let me know. I will check your site frequently ...

Thanks for your support,

Anonymous said...

there one more tool like this

kamesh said...

Hi, thanks for the wrapper. It doesn't works in my case though ;). I've a typical compilation scenario in which I get the *.mxml files iterating through the directories and pass them one by one as input for compilation. The compilation is forked as a java process and lot more attributes are supplied as arguments. In this case the compiler tries to boot up the fcsh server for every file it tries to compile since the compilation happens by iteration. Does this wrapper actually works for iterative compilation??? if so please shoot some examples of the same :)
Thanks n regards,

Anonymous said...

This is great. Thank you very much!

(sometimes it freeze. I guess the problem appear when I launch the compilation a few seconds after I saved a source file in my HD. Perhaps a file access conflict? In this case I must stop and launch again the wrapper. But even with this little problem, it's really convenient and save time :) )