This is a wrapper over the fcsh (Flex Compiler Shell) that expose the fcsh.exe to be accessed from an ant task. You can send mxmlc commands from ant tasks to a wrapped fcsh instance.
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IanT said...

Hi Mihai,
Thanks for letting me know about this - it's an excellent tool. I've tested it this morning, and it works well.

Unfortunately we can't use it in our own process - I've had to dump fcsh entirely for the current project, because we keep running out of Java heap space - but that's our problem, not a fault in your tool!

Well done, and keep up the good work.


Tech Per said...

What is the state of this project? Is it in a ready/useable state?

Mihai Vasilache said...

I have created this "tool" for one of my projects, and i use it in that project. I use fcshWrapper from NetBeans, Eclipse and command line.
There is a guy that says that is not working in flashdevelop, but i do not have the time to look.
It is not a big project (i counted 11 classes), so if there are some bugs they can be quickly fixed.
If you need to compile flash, this tool is useful and other alternatives are:
1. to use iFac plugin, but if you want to add behavior or fix bugs you can't because you can only watch there sources, if you find them...(see the licance)
2. write your own tool.
3. start using this tool - is a good start - and change the sources in any way you want(if the LGPL license is not enough i can change it to BSD or other licence... )

So, the tool is working, but is not tested enough.

P.S. There is a strange bug that i was not able to fix it...(is a comment in one of the pages from this site). Brad says that will fix the problem with older versions of Ant when he has some time.
Let me know if you are interested in changing the code.


Tech Per said...


Okay, thanks for the status. I am thinking about providing support for the use of fsch in one of the current maven plugins (israfil or flex-mojos), so I am looking around for inspiration.

Jim Cook said...

When using the fcsh ant task, how do you pass the large variety of compiler options to the daemon? Things like -debug, -include-libraries, etc.

Mihai Vasilache said...


You can use "arg" tags in the ant task. Like this:
<fcsh command="mxmlc">
<arg value="c:\web\flex-pages\app1.mxml"/>
<arg value="-source-path c:/locale/"/>
<arg value="-locale en_EN"/>
<arg value="-debug"/>
<arg value="-include-libraries"/>